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About Us


About Us

The local EFA office is the only regional source for quality literature and information about epilepsy, maintaining a collection of pamphlets covering approximately 30 topics in epilepsy as well as a number of videotapes.  These materials are available free of charge to anybody with questions about epilepsy including patients, employers, and educators.


We are a member agency of the Aloha United Way.


President's Message

Lacey Kazama Shimabukuro

What is epilepsy?  Three years ago, I would have said that it had something to do withseizures.  Today, I know that there are different types of seizures and that epilepsy is different for each person. I now know that 1 in 26 people in the US will develop epilepsy in their lifetime, and that epilepsy is more prevalent than autism spectrum disorders, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy combined. 

I did not know enough about epilepsy until my son Jax began having seizures. At 17 months, Jax was diagnosed with epilepsy and I immediately searched for more information online. I contacted the Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii and dove into the reading material sent to me.

I am grateful to the Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii (EFH) for teaching others about epilepsy.  When Jaxstarted preschool, the EFH visited his school to provide information about epilepsy and how to recognize and respond to Jax’s types of seizures. This knowledge of epilepsy enabled Jax'steachers to remain calm and respond appropriately when he had seizures in school.  The staff is prepared to help others in the community as well.

You may already know someone living with epilepsy, but you just may not know about their epilepsy. Seizures can happen at any time, and it's important for all of us to learn about seizures and epilepsy, so we will know how to help.

Together we can increase public awareness of epilepsy and help our friends and family to be safe and part of our community. Please call the EFH or visit us at www.facebook.com/EpilepsyFoundationHawaii to learn more about epilepsy or to schedule an epilepsy training session for your school, workplace or community center. Thank you.



We offer the following services...
  • Support Groups (adults and children)
  • Information and Referral
  • Public Information and Education
  • Legal Review
  • Social Worker assistance/referral

For more information about the services listed above, visit the Services page.

EFH's 2013 - 2015 Board of Directors List

Executive Commitee

Lacey Kazama Shimabukuro

Vice President
Curtis Johnson

Natalie Morgan RN

Alan G. Stein, M.D.

Interim Executive Director
Lauren Ishida

Members at Large
Paul Campagne
Ed Kemper, Esq.
Theresa Kreif
Shana Lewis
Laura Mellow
Donna Mendes
Todd Okamoto
Eliza Olaru, M.D.
Maria Reyes
Robert Silva

Professional Advisory Board

Alan G. Stein, M.D.

Eliza Olaru, M.D.

Natalie Morgan, A.P.R.N.

Leon Liem, M.D.

Terry Shimamoto, M.D.

Kore Liow, M.D.

Jeffrey Okamoto, M.D.
Developmental Pediatrician

Honorary Board Members

Neil Abercrombie
Governor, State of Hawaii

Peter Carlisle
Former Mayor, City & County of Honolulu

Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii
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Honolulu, HI 96814

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