Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii

How we spend our money!


Wonder where we spend our money?

The EFH is definitely on a shoestring budget.  We receive less than $100,000 per year in total funds/revenues from all sources, often significantly less depending on how successful our fundraising events are and whether we receive any grants.  Much of this money comes from the Aloha United Way or from one of our fundraising events such as Sharon's Ride.Run.Walk or Freedom Run.  Typically we also receive other moneys from granting agencies or from the national Epilepsy Foundation of America for specific projects.
Below is a summary of income and expenditure for Fiscal Year July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.  We were lucky enough to receive a "Pay it Forward" grant of $10,000 near the end of this fiscal year which we will be spending during the upcoming fiscal year(s).  This makes it look like we were more profitable this year as the income is recorded but not the upcoming expenditures.
July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013       
 Aloha United Way                         12,964.37
 Entry Fees - SP Event                    28,497.00
 Donations - SP Event                     17,140.00
 Contributions & Gifts                     3,378.50
 Grants                                   11,797.20
 EFA Grants                               18,750.00
 Membership                                   40.00
 Interest/Dividends                           79.27
 Miscellaneous  Revenue                      763.18
Total Income                                        93,409.52
 Staff Salaries                           12,480.00
 Worker's Comp Insurance                     917.00
 FICA-Employer Share                         954.72
 State Unemployment Insura                   190.20
 Auditing/Accounting Fees                  6,498.16
 Consultants & Other                       7,193.06
 Advertising                               2,301.13
 Membership Dues                           7,153.11
 Office Expenses                           2,510.54
 Office Supplies                             215.17
 Fundraising Supplies                     16,528.16
 Telephone                                 1,396.84
 Postage and Shipping                         69.31
 Office Rent & Related Costs               9,823.35
 Insurance - General Liability             1,526.00
 Insurance - D&O Liability                   813.00
 Equipment Rental                            167.52
 Printing                                  1,121.66
 Travel                                    1,816.59
 Meeting and Conferences                      20.00
 Miscellaneous                               -19.17
 Interest and Bank Charges                    61.16
Total Expense                                       73,737.51
Net Income           19,672.01        

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